Saturday, June 12, 2004

First post!

   Greetings gentle reader! I hope I can use this blog to keep my friends far away in touch with my daily life here. To bring you close to the smells of fish wafting from the houses, the people riding on their bicycles while carrying umbrellas, and my adventures around town.
   Today was my first day working at KSE Systems Headquarters, right here in Kawaguchi, barely 20 minute's walk from where I live. The office is small but comfortable. My first task was to upgrade the 2.4.20 Linux kernel on a old AMD K6 450mhz Redhat 9.0 machine to a 4.6.xx kernel. While I was building the new kernel, maxing out the cpu, my machine suddenly froze, then turned itself off. There was a distinct burning smell in the air. My boss advised me not to bother with that task anymore.
   After work I felt a sudden craving to drink some port. Maybe it's the cool rainy weather we've been having. After two small local liquor stores didn't have any, I headed to the big department store, which had three kinds, two of which were Sandeman's. I avoided the white port, which sounded questionable, and enjoyed a small glass of ruby port (Y2,940 for the bottle) with my after work snack.
   Then I traveled into Tokyo to meet Daniel, one of my best friends in Japan, a German architecture student, and several of his coworkers at Fujimama's, in Harajuku. Delicious! Especially the lamb with mint. Lately I've been craving non-Japanese food. The bill was quite reasonable as well at Y2,500 each, for a gourmet meal, two drinks, and dessert. Beautiful old timber frame building too. The only snag was that someone had stolen the umbrellas of Emiko (a coworker of Daniel's) and mine. Mine was not that expensive, but I bought it in Seoul for W5,000 (approximately US$5) because I liked the day-glow orange, as it stood out nicely. There is no way someone mistook my unique umbrella for theirs.
   Ah well, I have to remind myself, they're just physical possessions. At least the restaurant was nice enough to give us both spare umbrellas other customers had left behind another day so at least we didn't get wet on the way home.


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