Tuesday, June 15, 2004

How to Carry a Table on the Subway

Today started off nice and normal, moving computers around in the office, installing various software packages, eating mediocre, cheapish pork and cabbage. Recommendation: avoid "family" restaurants when dining out in Japan. They have given me nothing but disappointment after bland disappointment. I don't mean small, "mom & pop" stores, but rather those sprawling "chain-ten" that cater to families with their...free soft drink refills? The mom & pop shops certainly vary in quality, but at least they always have interesting atmospheres.
   After lunch I went to Shinagawa with my boss, to work at a former site, and everything started to go wrong. Not exactly everything, fine, but I did spend the next several hours attempting to comment out debug code in C++ I hadn't written. This got worse the more I worked at it, but fortunately I had an excuse, and I escaped to pick up a table and chair near Waseda station. It's always fun to carry large objects on trains packed with commuters returning home, and I've done this rather a lot recently, while decorating my room. At least now I will no longer have to type while sitting on my floor. Tatami is quite nice as a seat, but it ain't good for my posture.


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