Wednesday, June 23, 2004


My, my, my, quite behind.

I spent Friday night moving my new (used) fridge into my apartment with the help of my friend Yoshika (and her parents' car). Saturday I was moving stuff around in the apartment, doing my laundry and some shopping. Saturday evening I went out for Thai food at a nice little place near Mejiro with my roommate, another Malaysian coworker, a third Malaysian guy, and a Japanese woman. The food was good, especially the tapioca dessert. Actually the rest was fairly average, but quite authentic, I felt.

On Sunday I spent the whole day hiking on Okutama Mountain, elevation 1456m. It was terrific. The hike itself was fairly strenuous and part of our merry band of 12 turned back. We climbed through the typical Japanese monoculture of cedars on switchbacks, then passed into a mixed forest of more natural type before coming out on a firebreak that ran along a ridge. This eventually led us to a sort of summit where we ate lunch and played frisbee. Then we descended through a small gully and back into cedars before returning to the picturesque small town at the base of the mountain. We paused briefly to cool our feet in the stream before heading home. We also played a little frisbee there and managed to totally submerge one of our party in the stream as he went to fetch the disc. I feel like I'm writing travel literature but it was really wonderful! I hope to be back there soon.


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