Monday, June 14, 2004

The Ruby Room

A quiet Monday. Working on web page development at HQ. It was busier than it had been on Friday as several other coworkers arrived to work on-site. Three of us went out to eat at a tonkatsu place nearby HQ. Pretty tasty but a little expensive. I'm just beginning to learn about the local shops.
   After work I went home to eat dinner. I made a salad with tomato, bell pepper and avocado. I also fried up some potato slices with eggplant and Thai chili sauce (imported by hand!). After that I trucked (trained?) into Shibuya to see some of my friends from my former gaijin-house. Met two new inhabitants, one of whom, a San Franciscan, is also an ultimate player! Our group wandered off to our usual Monday night hang-out, a small club/bar called The Ruby Room. No cover charge, live music (sometimes), and Sam Adams (only $7 a bottle). It was a good way to end the weekend, even if I had to go back with the last train if I was going to get any work done the next morning.


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