Friday, July 02, 2004

Back at Last

Greetings! I have finally returned from my travels in the US. Sorry I wasn't able to update my blog while I was there, but my net access was limited.
   Here's a brief synopsis- 6/23, flew in to Logan, stayed overnight with my friends Karen and Ansel in Allston. Next day my parents met me in town, drove me home. Stayed in Petersham that night, then traveled up to scenic Vermont the next day with Ansel, Mike, & Shuli. Saturday we all went to David & Wai-Ye's wedding near Middlebury, which was great. Delicious food, small gathering, beautiful day. What more could you ask?
    Next day we hung about in Burlington, then trucked back to Massachusetts. I spent that night at my parents' place, then travelled back into Boston and stayed in Allston again on Monday night. There I briefly got to see many of my friends- all of the above plus Miller and Anthony at a dinner of Peking Duck. Yum. The next morning I was on my way back to Japan on the 6am flight. Definitely the least relaxing vacation I have ever taken. Still I'm glad I went, naturally. It was great to see everyone!
   I got a bit waylaid on my flight from Portland to Narita, as the flight was cancelled due to mechanical reasons. They put all the passengers up in a nearby hotel, free of charge. Rather irritating having my travels interrupted, but it gave me a chance to see Portland. The next day our plane, originally scheduled for a 7am departure, didn't start boarding until 9am. They gave us all $200 free travel vouchers as an apology, which was nice, but I still think I will refrain from travelling on Northwest Airlines in the future, once my frequent flyer miles are used up. Got in to Narita early afternoon on Thursday, slept for 12 hours. Now I'm off to work! I'll write more tomorrow.


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