Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11

Got a chance to see Fahrenheit 9/11 last night. It just came out in Japan last Saturday. Posters in the trains and in a prime location outside Shibuya station advertised its arrival.

Went with Daniel and Fabian to a theater in Ginza. Like all the movie theaters I've seen in Japan, it was high up in the building, was fairly small, and sold beer in the concession area. This place only had one screen, but usually they have at least two. We caught the "late" show, starting at 9:10, so it was only Y1000 (US$10) per person. The normal rate is twice that. The theaters don't run very late here.

The movie itself was quite good although I didn't learn much that was new. It was rather shocking to learn that anyone, Saudis or elsewise, could control more than 5% of the US economy. The images of corpses and wounded civilians were of course quite horrible to see, but good in that they re-energized my opposition to this and other wars. I did a little research on my favorite Wiki when I got home and found some critical analysis of the movie.

In related news, my first absentee ballot arrived in the mail this week. This one is for the Massachusetts state election, and as usual, three of the five positions on it are uncontested.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jacob it's Matt Clement (aka oVERLORD, das uberlord),

I just found your blog. It's good to get some news about what and how you're doin' in Japan. I'll have to take a look around to get some more details.

I noticed that you saw Fahrenheit 911. Cool that the movie made it there, but that should not be a surprise, considering the overwhelming global sentiment against war. Yeah, I can't argue with Moore's vision of the world, like always he presents a very clear and positive moral position, about which I don't think many people would disagree. However, his lack of attention to detail, shall we say, only creates fodder for those who have the ability to discredit his good values. Since some minute facts weren't straight, the corporate media jumped all over Moore and by association the anti-war movement. Regardless, he's fightin a good fight.

Well, just thought I'd share some spirit with ya. We Americans are smart. And, oh yeah, the Bush family was not even born in Texas! They can go back to your part of the country!

Take care.

Hope you read this.


6:18 AM  

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