Monday, August 23, 2004

Hanabi & Phish

Sorry for the slow post. The weekend was busy as always. Saturday I went down to the Tamagawa (Tama River) for a practice game between the Beers (the local team) and my team, Fukahire, which means "Shark Fin." It was a good practice, but it ended early. I ended up just sitting around there, enjoying the open sky and waiting for the fireworks scheduled that evening.

That display, my fourth this summer, had a nice color scheme. Lots of white. One novel rocket I saw sent out a thick plume of smoke as it ascended with a brighter than usual flare. When they launched six off at once it was quite cool.

I sat in the dark, with the family groups filming their kids and the cuddling couples dressed in yukata, and listened to Phish's last show on my headphones. I had downloaded it via BitTorrent from earlier in the week. It was a very emotional and cathartic experience to listen to their final show at last.

Later that evening (and until the first train) I spent at a club with an open terrace with my trio of German friends. I napped on a couch for a couple hours, then we went out and played a little catch with my frisbee in the mostly deserted streets of Roppongi. It took us a long time to get to the train station that morning as we played around on every sculpture along the way. I'm going to miss these guys when they go home to Germany next month. I heard one of them mis-stepped leaving the train and ripped his pants as he fell half into the gap between the train and the platform!

After some well deserved sleep I went back down to Shibuya and played some more frisbee in the deliciously cool weather we had that day. Then I did a little shopping to upgrade my wardrobe. I managed to avoid buying any Engrish shirts. Somehow tshirts spawn in my closet as soon as I turn my back. I only brought a few to Japan but by now they've multiplied out of control again.


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