Wednesday, August 18, 2004


The Japanese semis are huge, numerous, and above all, noisy. One landed on my messenger pouch this evening as I was walking home not at all wooded. "Semi" is the Japanese word for cicada. Here's a photo to give you an idea of their appearance. They make a real racket in even a small stand of trees. They also seem to be largely fearless. One flew into our apartment one evening (we have no screens) and it made loud protesting noises as I wrapped it gently in a tea towel and tossed it back out the window.

I travelled to Hiroo, near Roppongi, today to work on a server there. I managed to get it functional on this, my second visit. On my way home I stopped at the Café Prés for a croque monsieur and a Gargent (?) Stout. Perhaps I've got the beer's name wrong as I can't find anything like that on the 'net. The croque monsieur was rather pizza like, but the beer was served in the most interesting glass I have ever used. The glass was conical and when not being held, sat in a heavy glass cube with a conical depression in it. My camera doesn't quite do it justice, but here is the glass up and down. Without the base, the glass would not stand up at all. I commented on the interesting glassware to the waitress as I paid my bill and she told me that they only use that glass with that particular beer!

Apart from that, the heat has returned. Ugh.


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