Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Tsukiji Honten

My my my, so very full.

This weekend was another busy one, as usual. On Friday night my boss and his wife took me out to dinner and then to karaoke. I was pleased to discover a bar near my apartment that serves more than one type of beer! Normally at Japanese restaurants, if you ask for a beer, they will only have one to offer. This place, "Stockyards," had 10, including several I had never heard of. I recommend the Lion Stout, from Sri Lanka (US$7). The Guinness (US$9/pint) tasted pale in comparison.

The big hit of the night at karaoke was Always Look on the Bright Side of life, even though I was the only one familiar with Monty Python, evidentally.

Saturday I was supposed to go practice frisbee, in preparation for the upcoming tournament, but it was so beastly hot I couldn't move from in front of my fan for most of the day. I eventually went and got a haircut (US$10) and bought some geta (cheap at US$20) to go with my jinbei (somewhat cheap at US$20). (Sorry that's the best pic I could find at the moment. Jinbei are hot weather clothes, woven in an open pattern with loose stitching around the shoulder seams) Once I was so outfitted, I went to the very crowded Odaiba in Tokyo bay to watch the last big fireworks show of the year. Not bad but not as good as the earlier two I saw.

On Sunday I went, as always, to play ultimate in the park. We had had a lovely cooling rainshower in the morning that brought the temperature down considerably, for the first time in weeks. Great weather for ultimate! It was a good practice.

Afterwards I went to the local favorite sushi place, Tsukiji Honten, with my three German friends and proceeded to make a pig of myself. Initially I was very hungry, having gone to practice on a mostly empty stomach, but then I got carried away. I tied our group record with 18 plates of sushi! That's 36 pieces, but only US$18! A good deal, but after 15 plates it didn't taste good anymore. Amazingly, 24 hours later, I've had only minimal food and I'm still full! One instant ramen, a small yogurt, a carrot, and half a grapefruit later, I'm still to heavy to go for my normal evening jog. I didn't realize I could do this. I thought only reptiles could sustain themselves for so long on one meal. I've never overeaten so much in all my born days...


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