Saturday, October 09, 2004

A Couple of Photos & an Earthquake

First, here are two photos: Fabian, Jacob, and Phillip and Jacob in front of Louis Vuitton.

In other news, Mother Nature has been active in Japan recently. Currently we're in the middle of a large typoon. It should be out the other side of Tokyo before midnight though. Heavy rain is blowing hard against my window and many train lines are stopped, according to NHK, which is running constant coverage. This features mostly strong wind and rain blowing umbrellas inside out, the occasional shot of water spurting up through manhole covers, and school girls wading through water in Shibuya.

Two days ago we got hit by a decent-sized earthquake. It struck while I was in the middle of taking a step in my apartment. My first thought was "am I really that tired that I can't even walk properly?" The floor shook considerably for a good thirty seconds or so. Nothing fell over though. That was my biggest quake so far.


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