Thursday, November 04, 2004

Jacob Gets His Hair Cut

I haven't been in Kawaguchi for long enough to establish a preferred barber yet. The first time I got my hair cut I went to the $10 place on the shopping street. Straight-forward and quick, they never-the-less managed to cut my hair asymmetrically. I don't ask for a lot in my haircuts (I don't have that much to cut), but this was too much (too little?) even for me.

So this time I stopped in at a place that I pass every time I go to the station but only noticed recently. They're sort of hidden under a staircase. Their window advertises $17 haircuts for adults. This area is thick with barbershops, but most charge at least $30. I sauntered in early in the afternoon on our recent holiday. One guy was in line ahead of me, but it took at least twenty minutes for me to get into an actual barber's chair, despite the three staff hard at work. When I finally got served I realized there was a reason for this.

To start with my barber cut my hair. First with scissors, then with clippers. Then he shaved around my ears and the back of my neck with a straight razor. Then he washed my hair after putting some sort of plugs in my ears. I'm not sure I've ever had anybody dry my face for me- body all swathed in robes and towels as I was. It felt like the ultimate in luxury. Then there was a brief shoulder massage. Somewhere in there he trimmed my hair again. Finally there were a couple blow drying sessions and a brush down with a brush to get those last stray hairs.

I've never had such an involved haircut in my life! For the extra $7 and 15 minutes, it was worth it. I'll be back in two months, if I'm still in Kawaguchi. Oh, and this guy cut my hair symmetrically.


Blogger Mike said...

cool ... but no head massage?

3:16 PM  
Blogger jarsyl said...

Nope, although that might have been included in one of the more deluxe "courses" on offer. I read that head massages are common in China though. Is that why you ask? There are many separate "massage" places around here, but for the most part they look pretty sketchy.

4:02 PM  

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