Thursday, December 23, 2004

Edo Tokyo Museum

Yesterday went out on the town with Jeff. Had a pretty good time bar-hopping around Shibuya. I spotted (but didn't go into) a bar with the coolest door I have ever seen. It actually contained a water tank that continually had air bubbling through it. I'm a little tired today because we came back on a early morning train. You can tell it's early because the Yamanote line is never that empty during regular hours. Oh, and people don't typically sleep on the floor.

Today I went to the Edo Tokyo Museum which I last visited in 1996. I had only vague memories of it. It was $13 to get in, including admission to the special exhibit, and it was totally worth it. Along with my friend Minako I spent something like six hours exploring the place from top to bottom. I'm sure the fact that I'm living in Tokyo now made the content much more interesting. I learned a great deal of interesting info about Tokyo of two hundred years ago. For example, sushi containing raw fish originated in Tokyo-- not Kyoto like most things Japanese-- and that during his life the ukiyo-e master Hokusai changed residence ninety times! I highly recommend this place to anyone interested in Japanese history as many things were labeled in English as well as Japanese.

We also checked out the special exhibition on the work and life of famous manga writer Shigeru Mizuki. He is best know for his ghost stories. We saw two of his ghosts walking around and among other objects from his manga, a human soul tempura! What an imagination that fellow has. It's hard to communicate the variety of characters and strange scenes we were treated to in the exhibit. Quite a nice day, but I am exhausted now.

PS. Best birthday wishes to the emperor, in case he's reading. Thanks for the national holiday.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Visa extension

So my boss came into the head office today (normally I work there by myself) and we got a chance to chat. I was pleased to learn that my company will in fact be extending my visa for at least another year. He wouldn't commit to extending my contract yet though. Sounds like I've got some potential for future contracts as well, although we haven't secured them yet. Time to get cracking on my Japanese studies, which I've been woefully truant from.

Monday, December 20, 2004

More Photos

Hello! Yes, I am still alive. Things are good here but I've been busy. I'll write a bit more soon, but in the mean time here are some pretty pictures from the stash I've acquired: