Thursday, February 17, 2005

Back in town for another quake

I have safely returned from Las Vegas. That plane ride sure takes forever though. The trip itself was quite interesting and showed me a part of the country I had never seen before. I got to check off three new states- Nevada, Arizona, and Utah- because we also went to see the Hoover Dam and Zion National Park. Both very interesting. I haven't had time to process all the photos I took out there, but here's one to start you off with: the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas.

I was awakened just before 5am on my first night back in Japan by a decent sized earthquake. Although it wasn't as prolonged as the Niigata prefecture quake in October that took 40 lives and caused more than $2 billion in damage, this one was stronger here. This is the first time anything has fallen over in my apartment as a result. The fact that it woke me out of bed made it scarier than normal.


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