Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A Chilly Day for an Earthquake

A cold and misty bike ride to work. Then just another day at the office, struggling to get the Solaris box to do what I want. Today: network connectivity issues. Things were livened up a bit just before noon when a small earthquake struck. Just enough to shake the bookshelves visibly, but not enough to knock anything down. No injuries were reported.

I also forgot to mention that in the past two weeks I've started watching DVDs on my computer using the excellent Xine. My screen is a little small, but it's nice to be able to watch DVDs again. I had some trouble trying to create an account at a local video rental shop. They wanted valid ID (foreigner registration card with my photo and address), a utility bill with my home address and name, and a landline phone number. I don't have the last item to give them. So I took my business to another shop further away that charged me $3 for the privilege of making an account with them. They also rent CDs though. I was told (not by the shop) that that level of strictness at the first place is probably due to the "high" number of foreigners in these parts.

Two of the movies I watched were recommended to me by Minako. After Life and Maboroshi no Hikari, both by a director named Hirokazu Koreeda. Fantastic cinematography. Gorgeous interiors in the first, painterly landscapes of rural Japan and interior shadows in the second. I highly recommend them both to fans of Kurosawa or Kubrick. The first is a bit lighter, while the second is not without happy highlights.

Getting ready for my company trip to Las Vegas this weekend. My preparations are being hampered by looming project deadlines though. Looking forward to the vacation though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jacob,

I've long since lost your email. But randomly I caught Chris online, and he said you were in Japan. As it so happens Noah and I will be there 14-21st of this month!

But it looks like you're going to be in Las Vegas. Funny.. I could have >gone< there much easier than going to Japan. =)

Same ol email:

3:04 PM  

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