Monday, February 07, 2005

Honest? Fairly. Good? Almost.

Had a pretty good weekend. Apartment hunting, ultimate frisbee, brunch with two friends I hadn't seen since November. I took them to a place called Good Honest Grub as it was recommended in an online review from the local free English language magazine Metropolis. They reviewed the original, Ebisu location while we went to the closer, Harajuku branch. They were very busy when we arrived at 1pm on Sunday. Small crowds of mostly foreigners sat inside, munching on waffles. Small children went by on the shoulders of parents. The waiters approached us mostly in English, befuddling my poor Japanese friends.

We waited in line for about 10 minutes to get a table. This was understandable as it was probably their busiest time of the week. Then we got to admire the nice view of trendy Omotesando while we waited another stretch for our orders (three eggs benedict, $15 each, with choice of two toppings) to arrive. I had a freshly squeezed carrot juice ($9) as juice bars are hard to come by in Tokyo. Unfortunately it tasted distinctly watered down. Eventually our eggs arrived. I had ordered mine with salmon and spinach and was quite ready to chow down by the time it arrived. Lukewarm.

It was tasty enough, but the combination of the wait, the watery juice, and the near-room temperature eggs put me entirely off this place. Next time I want a brunch I can't make myself, I'm going to the restaurant next door to Good Honest Grub, Fujimama's,


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