Monday, July 18, 2005

Hot Summer Days

The heat is on. I'm sweating it out at my desk in my room, all the windows and doors open. Fortunately we're high up so we get some breeze. We have an A/C unit, but it seems extravagant to use that to cool the whole apartment. I'll survive.

In other news, my long hours continue at work, as does my frisbee and occasional hike. I went down to Yokohama on Saturday with Minako, and we enjoyed the nice ocean breeze of the harbor as well as the more Western style of the city.

I'm having some more troubles with my website, but I hope to have some new pictures (and more blog posts) soon.

Stay cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah it's been pretty hot in the SF bay area too. Must have hit 72 degrees today here in Oakland. Sweltering! ;-)

Actually, just east in the valley they've been getting 100+ degree weather ... but by the coast? Always cool.

I just got a new (and my first) digital camera: Fujifilm Finepix Z1. It's pretty sexy, and although it isn't great for "real" photography, it fits my purposes just fine. Yummy.


2:27 PM  
Blogger jarsyl said...

Hey Anthony! Thanks for the comment. Tokyo's on the coast too, but all the skyscrapers block the sea breeze, they say.

Do you have a link for some of your photos?

9:34 PM  
Anonymous marcpat said...

Anthony, you old dog! Nice to see you posting on jarsyl's blog :) how's things going in SF? I've been in LA for nearly 2 years now and begin teaching in September.


10:44 AM  

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