Monday, July 25, 2005

Still Hot

Left work early at 8pm today. I really wish they wouldn't turn off the air conditioning at the office at 7pm, especially when most of the staff are still working. I bought a desk fan to try and deal with it, but today I had it on high even before they turned the A/C off.

At the supermarket I was tempted by the wonderful smell of the peaches, but, deterred by the price ($4/ea.), went for a nice looking asian pear ($2/ea.) instead. You folks in the US wouldn't believe what watermelons go for in this country. Next time I spot a square one, I'll post the photo on my site.

It had begun raining lightly when I left the supermarket, but I kept my umbrella stowed and let the rain cool me off.

Listening to the NPR news over the internet now, about the innocent Brazilian murdered by the police on the train in London. While discussing the world over dinner on Sunday with an international group of friends (Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Hong Kong), and American) we all got quite depressed, feeling powerless. What does Bush think he's doing?


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