Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A Work Dream

I had a dream on Saturday night. I was wandering through some part of what was supposed to be Tokyo, but looked more like what I imagine Rome looks like. Minako was there, and so was my co-worker, Peter. The streets were crowded with big bookcases crammed with things to buy. As Peter had already bought something, and was trundling it through the street on a cart, I was afraid he was going to knock one of the shelves over.

One in particular looked precarious, so I went over to point it out to him, but ended up knocking it over myself. As all the items in it cascaded to the floor, the shop clerk came out and accosted me. Minako was coming over to help smooth things over when I managed, in stuttering Japanese, to communicate that I lived in Tokyo.

At this the clerk's attitude cleared right up and he sent us on our way.


After I woke up I realized that I had meant to refer to the district I live in, Takadanobaba, but instead had told the clerk I lived in "Kikaku," which means "planning" in Japanese, and is the name of one of the parts of my project at work. I thinking I'm spending too many hours on the job.


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