Sunday, August 28, 2005


I've been lucky enough to be able to see two fireworks shows this Summer. Fireworks shows are quite good here, but they are always mobbed with way too many people, like the Boston Esplanade shows, for those of you who have lived in Boston. Here are a couple photos I took from the Tokyo Bay show a couple weeks ago:

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This show was almost rained out, but the showers stopped for just long enough to allow the fireworks to proceed. This might have helped keep the numbers of the audience down a bit too. My group of 8 got there less than an hour before the show, and we were able to find prime seating with a great view, in a parking lot designated for the purpose. Not to say that it wasn't crowded- it took us more than an hour to get through streets jammed with people to a train station after the fireworks. Still, our success in getting seating with little effort contrasts greatly with the experience we had at the Sumida River fireworks a couple weeks previous.

There we got in line for a good seat inside a baseball field at 6am. Then we took turns guarding our spot and resting at home. The viewing was great, but two of our group were unable to make it back to the spot for the show due to the sheer number of people between the train station and our plastic sheet. The fact that the cops close off many roads (to cars and pedestrians) with big barricades during the event doesn't make it any easier to negotiate the crowds. Part of that is due to the potential for very bad crowding situations. A couple years back a pedestrian road overpass collapsed under the weight of the crowd as well, so they close off all of those now too.

Y'know what they say though, "adventure isn't fun while it's happening." I'll try and post my photos from that show later this week.


Anonymous marcpat said...

nice pictures :) remind me what kind of digital camera you're using nowadays? is the zoom on it pretty decent?

a friend of mine has a very thin olympus - i forget the model - but it has a really nice 4 or 5x zoom. It's amazing the quality of picture it can get from far away and such a small little thing. Believe it runs around $300 or so $US

1:54 AM  
Blogger jarsyl said...

Thanks Marc. I'm using a slightly older model Pentax Optio 555, a 5.0 megapixel, 5x optical zoom. It's a little bulky by today's standards, but it definitely does what I need. I wrote all about it back here.

10:52 AM  

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