Monday, August 22, 2005

Save Our Movies?

Quiet day at work. My partner, who has far more programming skills than I, is on vacation until tomorrow, so I couldn't tackle some of the tough issues. However, our project leader emailed from on-site in Southern Japan, where he is installing the software and debugging and developing at the same time. He wrote to tell me of a bug he found in my code. This happens from time to time as I pile conditional clauses up in our JSP files.

However this time I couldn't reproduce the bug, and wrote him back to that effect. Later in the evening he wrote back to tell me they found the bug was in their database on that end and not my fault. That's always nice.

This weekend I finally got around to seeing Star Wars: Episode Three. Went with Minako to Roppongi Hills' Toho Virgin Theater for their THX. The movie was quite good- definitely better than either Episode 1 or Episode 2. I quite enjoyed the dark overall feeling of it.

The strange thing was an ad that came on before the feature film. It was sponsored by the "Motion Picture Association" and featured a attractive Japanese woman crying. As the tears ran down her cheeks, they turned black, and then dripped into a pool which morphed into a film strip, showing a skull. Then a message appeared asking people not to copy or download movies, because it takes money away from the studios, followed by the message "Save our movies" inside a heart. This is the first time I've seen such a direct campaign by this industry. I don't know how they think this will keep people from downloading.


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