Sunday, September 04, 2005


Had a nice day down by the breezy seaside in Enoshima, south of Tokyo. It feels like it's been a very long time since I escaped from the clutches of Tokyo. I also picked up some houseplants from a person who placed a classified ad in the local English language free paper. Two Brits who were living East of Tokyo, in Chiba prefecture, and are moving on to New Zealand next. They gave me their condolences regarding the disaster in NOLA. I've been pouring over the news about it online. Unbelievable. You folks in the US must be getting nothing else on TV. I wish I was closer and could help out in some way, but I'll just have to settle for a donation to the Red Cross.

Another typhoon is on its way towards Japan, but it isn't expected to reach Tokyo with any power. Still, it's been raining buckets outside all evening.

Looking forward to taking time off from work next Wednesday through Friday. Finally am going on Summer vacation. The plan is to travel to the Noto Peninsula and stay for a couple nights there.


Anonymous marcpat said...

NOLA has been pretty unbelievable. A lot of angry people have been displaced and have no idea what their future holds yet. Larisa is trying to get involved with some counseling she can do through the Red Cross here in LA but we have donated money to them and our church. Our church raised about $150,000 in a week for direct relief aid - no overhead or anything. So I always feel good about giving them money.

I will be writing you an email soon to catch up. I know I've caught myself behind again - my apologies! School has been very busy :)

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