Friday, November 18, 2005


The police numbers are still high around the embassy even now that Bush has left the country again, but last Friday they the most numerous I've seen so far. There were probably a hundred police, mainly grouped far from the embassy, at the intersection where they stop the protestors. My coworker Peter exchanged some heated words with some pro-Bush demonstrators before the police stepped between them. Apparently my earlier remark about the majority of Japanese people being opposed to Bush's policies is wrong. A lot of Japanese like the fact that Prime Minister Koizumi's close relationship with Bush has put Japan into a stronger global position. Some also like his conservative politics. I even saw a "Welcome to Japan, President Bush" banner on Friday.

Today I noticed a non-Japanese looking man getting stopped near a train station and asked to produce his ID. The police let him go on his way, but if I was him I would be pretty ticked off by that. There was also a pair of security guards on the subway, which I've never seen before. Needless to say, that made me real eager to get off the train.

Today was also the end of my current project so I cleaned out my desk and erased my personal files from my workstation. The project is so large and sprawling, and I never felt like I had sufficiently debugged my contribution, that I was unable to feel any real satisfaction with the project. Then this afternoon I attended the newspaper systems tradeshow and got to see the whole project demoed before a crowd. That gave me a sense of achievement, which was quite nice. Then I went out to eat (sashimi and hotpot) with my boss and a business associate of his and a friend of the associate's, and didn't have to pay. That was even nicer.


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If it makes you feel any better, Bush's approval rating here in the US is pretty abysmal. Even many Republicans are unsatisfied.


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