Thursday, January 19, 2006

Fujitsu & LiveDoor

Today I surprised myself at how genki I was at work, compared to my dour outlook two days back. I took the day off yesterday as I came down with a cold. That helped, no doubt. I'm sure it also helped that I have finished, for the time being, doing the planning part of this project and have embarked on the coding part, proper. Even though I'm dealing with someone else's code (which "is hell," as Jeff put it) it's what I'd rather be doing. The fact that I had free reign to replace the crummy development environment with Eclipse, a PHP editing plugin and Subversion made it all the sweeter.

Ok, on to other news- I'm sure a few of you heard about the Tokyo stock market's recent sag and subsequent rebound, but did you hear that there were severe technical difficulties involved as well? Apparently the systems they are using to manage the transactions were approaching their limit and the market was closed 30 minutes early at 3.28 million transactions for the day. According to the Internation Herald Tribune, the NYSE "handles about 5 million trades a day." What's more, the maximum hit on Wednesday here in Tokyo was in line with the high monthly averages seen late last year. A coworker at Pioneer told me that Fujitsu was the company behind the system. I'm sure heads are rolling over there right now. Oh yeah, LiveDoor and Horie-mon have been disgraced. I'm sure the media will still follow this one avidly though.


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mmmm eclipse


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Blogger jarsyl said...

Yeah, Eclipse is good. What language are you using it with?

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