Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Hike in the Winter

Continuing with the Mexican theme, on Saturday we had a small party at our apartment with guacamole (Jeff) and chili (me). It went well, but I stayed up way too late (2 am) despite knowing that I had to get up early (7:30 am) to join the hike today (Sunday). Fortunately it wasn't a difficult hike, up and down two 350 meter high hills. The countryside North of Tokyo, in Saitama, was very pretty, making me a bit homesick. Also in our group was a Japanese woman who lived in NY for two years, during which she spent one Summer month studying violin on the Bowdoin College campus! Talk about a small world.

After the hike we grabbed a snack at an innovative shop outside the station- they had a free (with purchase) communal hot water bath for your feet. Very nice after a hike. Here are some photos from the day on Flickr.

Oh yeah, it also snowed on Saturday. The most snow in Tokyo in five years: about six inches. Here's a shot my friend Peter took of a pair of monks at Meiji Jingu. Cheers!


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