Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mexican Food in Tokyo

It's hard to come by. Not sure why. I was wandering Friday night in Shimokitazawa, a favorite, hip area, looking for something to eat when I came across a Mexian place called "Duke." Inside I met with the welcoming attitude I like so much about bars and restaurants in that area. I also met a San Diego resident named Jonathan who owns a translation company based in San Diego. He pondered about the practicality of hiring Mexican cooks to run a Mexican restaurant in Tokyo (our food was prepared by two Japanese guys).

Friday was some sort of Social Day for Strangers for me- as I was midway through the 20 minute walk from my office to the nearest station two middle school girls on a single bicycle called out "herro" to me as the biked past in the opposite direction. This is rare in Tokyo, but I managed to return the greeting before they were out of earshot. Later that night I was hailed by a Japanese guy who thought I was someone else. Strange, as bearded men are also quite rare here.

We also had a lottery (one draw with each purchase) Wednesday through Friday at the convenience store at Pioneer. First prize was a DVD recorder. I managed to pull 4th prize which won me the choice of either Meet the Parents or An American Werewolf in London. I went with the latter, but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. It sure was better than winning a "leisure mat," which I think was 3rd prize. I'm not even sure what such a thing is for.


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