Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Train Tales and Coffee Makers

I know, I know. I've taken another two month break from posting anything here. Terrible of me. I've been working in a different part of the city, down by Kawasaki. Currently I'm working on an Excel→PHP→MySQL intranet system for Pioneer. Could be feasible if only I had the proper amount of time to develop it!

Also, this morning I broke Jeff's coffee maker's carafe somehow. So I bought a new one at Yodobashi Camera. Fortunately the main store in Shinjuku is open until 10pm for those of us working Japanese hours. Feh.

On the way there via the Yamanote line I was reading my collection of the Best American Travel Writing from 2004 that Minako gave me for my birthday last year (excellent piece on semi-trucks by John McPhee), when I noticed a salaryman lying down on the seat, out cold. Another guy sitting next to him shook him by the shoulder to make sure he was still concious. I thought at first they knew each other, but it seemed not. The fellow lying down turned out to be okay, just drunk, fortunately. He dropped his glasses as he sat up, and the other guy picked them up and returned them to him. He asked if where the drunk guy was going. I didn't hear the whole conversation, but the drunk guy pointed out how stupid the sober guy was, then fell asleep again, this time sitting up. Last week I saw a turtle in a plastic cage forgotten on the train. Wonder what I'll see tomorrow.

Oh yeah, I posted some new pictures on my Flickr page too. Check 'em out.


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