Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Random Sightings

Nothing much to report. Ultimate frisbee practice game was fun in that it let me get out of the city proper, and in that it let our squad get some semblance of practice as a team. Normally we just play pick-up, which is bad for our tournament performance.

The weather continues to warm. Here are some random things I saw since I last posted:
  • Man tearing apart an abandoned air conditioner in the street. Not sure what he was going for but he wasn't simply out to destroy it.
  • Middle-aged woman on a bike with training wheels. I'm guessing this was the low-cost version of an adult tricycle.
  • Homeless man possibly nicking something from a kiosk in a train station. I didn't see the actual swipe, but he sure was looking around nervously after brushing against the candy display. Never seen anyone shoplift before here.
  • Middle-aged woman on the train with cell phone ring tone blaring Spice Girls' "If You Want to Be My Lover." Twice! The vast majority of people switch their phones to silent mode on the packed trains/subways.
  • Honeybees feeding on the blossoms of my plum tree— six stories up.


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