Saturday, March 25, 2006

Back from the Tournament

Cherry blossoms on their way. Currently about 33% open. Most trees are still covered with tightly closed pink or red buds, but here or there is a tree that instead looks as if it was hit by a light, pink snowfall. There is also a trio of bright white magnolia trees outside the high school I pass on my way to work, now in full bloom. My plum tree has tiny green leaves just beginning to come out. The strawberry plants are doing less well. An insect ate most of the one good berry I had coming to me. Ah well, at least I still have my bread.

Last Tuesday was a holiday (Vernal Equinox) here, and I celebrated by buying a bread baking pan and some whole wheat flour. Much better than baking in the casserole dish I was using before. Still, the loaf pan just barely fits in my tiny oven. I walked back from Shinjuku with one roommate, and we stopped in at many stores, buying Indian cooking supplies along the way. Lentil curry with chapati for dinner. Yum.

Haven't had a chance to update my photos from the ultimate frisbee tournament last weekend. All in all, the games went ok. We went 1 and 1 the first day, then lost both the second day. Many of my teammates were up quite late drinking heavily on Saturday night (while I slept) and that was a major factor contributing to our losses on Sunday. To add injury to insult, after the last game finished, tournament officials came over to ask that we contact the inn to compensate them for damage to the room. I'm glad I was staying in a different inn from everyone else and hence not involved.

Work continues on in the same vein. I've finished using the PEAR package Image_Graph to make graph images on the fly and have now begun using the distinctively named Calendar to generate dynamic calendars for the project pages. What's even better, I wrote my second Ajax. This one to redraw the calendars without having to reload the whole page.

I've totally fallen for this technology. I can't remember being excited about coding in a while. On the other hand, I went to Junkudo in Ikebukuro to look at their excellent English computer book section but was disappointed to find only one Ajax book on the shelves. It looked quite useful, but at ¥7,000 (¥3,408 on, $25.19 on I had to pass it up. For comparison, none of the four Japanese language volumes on Ajax were more than ¥2,500.


Blogger Ansel said...

Perhaps a, split article, break from the blog spam:

I suppose the cherry blossoms are now MORE than 33% open? What's the deal with no blog update? Yeah, yeah, I guess you're busy. Me too. Meh.

I seem to have entered a stage of life where memories from the distant past bubble up at totally ramdon times. Remember when I used to stay up til 4 in the morning and send out my crazy caffeine-driven newsletter of worthless news? Man, it would be priceless to be able to look back on that now... it was almost like a little pre-blog blog...

2:24 PM  
Blogger jarsyl said...

Oops, sorry about. Killed the spam. And I even posted an update. Thanks for kicking me about the lack of action here. I remember that newsletter, vaguely. Don't you have an archive of old email somewhere?

1:04 AM  
Blogger Ansel said...

Looking back at that comment, it looks quite random, or rather "ramdon." Anyway, there's a very remote, infinitesimal chance I have an email archive of that stuff somewhere, but it's more likely to be stored at k12, if they archive that sort of thing. I don't even remember if that was after I started using or not. Sadly enough, all my old programming and internet activites were lost in some un-backed-up hard drive failure or another at some point. I back things up now, but of course it's too late.

4:19 AM  

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