Monday, November 20, 2006

Everyday Living

Nothing much going on, just studying hard for my upcoming Japanese test. My brain is bulging with kanji! Until something more interesting happens, here are three small items that I observed recently:

  • On my way to work this morning it was drizzling down. Less than one minute's walk from my door I came upon and Indian-looking fellow standing over a huge orange puddle in the middle of the sidewalk. Living in Tokyo, you come upon pools of vomit frequently. Usually on train platforms. Sometimes on the train. Often on the sidewalk. This man looked like he was presiding over a puddle of near Team America proportions. I was further shocked when he began shoveling it up with his bare hands and carrying it towards the curb. Then I noticed another Indian guy with a pushcart laden with pots and pans moving away from us up the street. I just wish I had had the nerve to capture the scene on my camera.
  • I don't think I mentioned it before, but I've been pondering the idea of raising earthworms on my balcony to consume kitchen waste. I did some research about what type of worm is popular in Japan for vermi-composting, and it seems I need to send away for them. My local bait shop sells about 30 different types of live worms, but not that variety. I even tried poking around our neighborhood park on a rainy day, but only found drowned worms. Finally one drizzly evening about a month ago I came across a very energetic reddish worm sliding across the pavement on a back street, no where near dirt. I wasted no time in scooping s&he up in the frisbee I happened to be carrying and deposited it in my biggest plant container. The first thing it did was try and climb out, but I tapped it lightly on the front and it quickly buried itself in the dirt. I had figured it had drowned from over watering or the wrong kind of dirt or something until last night I saw the unmistakable sign of earthworm tailings on the surface! Hopefully it will produce offspring and they will all live to eat my garbage happily ever after.
  • I accidentally deleted some un-backed up source code produced by one of my coworkers today. I was just going to release and re-check out his project from our Subversion repository so that PHPEclipse would work its magic on his copy of the project. I even checked to see if there were any modified files in it and it seemed there were none. However I had forgotten that he was using unchecked in code in his folder. Nuts. Fortunately he had another version that was only a couple weeks old. Back up your files people! (Sorry Ogasawara-san! I know what it feels like to lose work.)


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