Saturday, January 27, 2007

Code & A New (12:10!) Monitor

Greetings friends. I haven't written much lately, I know. This time though it hasn't been because I've been lazy but because there hasn't been much going on. This week I was coding long hours at the keyboard, coming home late, cooking dinner with Jeff, finishing dinner much later, then getting up exhausted the next day. I was also bunny-sitting. Next week I promise I will keep a better sleep schedule.

At least I'm getting some slack to re-code a part of my project that badly needed it. My boss asked me to change the way the errors in my application are reported, and in order to do that I absolutely have to look through gross and hoary old code I wrote almost exactly a year ago. That stuff is really horrible and as a result, really satisfying to reimplement.

Also, in preparation for my new workstation/development server I got a new LCD monitor for my existing workstation- a 20 inch Mitsubishi with the wacky dimensions of 12:10. This works out to 1680X1050. It's huge! It did bad things for my productivity today (Linux mumble xorg.conf modelines mumble mumble), but I have high hopes for next week.

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