Monday, April 16, 2007

More Classical

Had a pretty good weekend. Saw a different friend play violin in an orchestra up in Saitama. Totenfeier (Mahler), Prelude & Good Friday Spell from Parsifal (Wagner), Requiem in D-minor K. 626 (Mozart), Requiem (Faure). Quite enjoyable, especially with the chorus joining in for the two requiems. The Mozart actually sounded familiar- I wonder if that was one of the pieces we sang at Bowdoin?

This also reminded me that I wanted to mention this movie which I saw with Minako the better part of a year ago. It was dark and moody, but quite interesting. I'm not sure if I've ever seen any other Armenian films.

I also did some minor gardening on my balcony, moving zucchini seedlings, putting parsley seed in the sprouting trays, and moving permanently potted plants to bigger digs. Hopefully my first attempts at reviving potting soil will work out. My main fertilizer is some bagged worm castings. I still need to locate some actual manure worms to raise on my balcony. I'll give the bait shops one more try before I am forced to go looking online.

The last notable event of the weekend was a trip we took to Popeye (warning: animation heavy page). Definitely the best beer bar I've been to in Japan. It doesn't come close to the Sunset Grill, naturally, but their selection is far bigger than your typical bar in the US, let alone the one or two light lagers most places here stock. My favorites were from Baird. They make good beer. I plan to go back soon. If only they weren't halfway across the city center.


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