Monday, March 15, 2010

Worm bin maintenance

Worm Bin, originally uploaded by jarsyl.

Finally found the time this weekend to separate the worms from their nicely composted surroundings. It was a little overdue, but that gave me a good chance to see what things they really won't eat. There were plenty of the expected pumpkin seeds, persimmon tops, and insufficiently crushed eggshells. I was surprised by the amount of daikon peels and living plants that had sprouted from discarded seeds. Pretty much everything else had been turned to dirt.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Cable failure

I enjoy riding my bicycle to work. I get to avoid the jam-packed subways, and at the same time get some exercise. I also get to experience more of the city on a direct level.

It seems my bicycle hasn't been enjoying it as much as I. Last week as I up shifted my front derailleur, instead of the familiar click I heard a quiet metallic snapping noise instead. It wasn't until a few minutes later on down the road that I figured out that my front shifter cable had failed near the shifter lever and was now dragging on the road.

My bike wasn't too crippled though so I continued on to work, still managing to arrive on time. Afterward I cinched on the wire with a cable tie and headed to the store in Shinjuku where I had purchased my bike. There they charged me for a replacement part (613 yen) but not for labor. I guess one failure during seven months of 20 km rides nearly every business day is not too bad.

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