Friday, January 05, 2007

Food and Politics

Here's are two links which came to my attention recently. Ok, so they're both quite old, but I hadn't heard of either one before. It was somehow refreshing to learn that the US hasn't been the only country to rename food for political reasons. Try searching in the text of the first article for "amerikaner".

Boycott of American Goods Over Iraq War Gains (2003/3)
Iranians rename Danish pastries (2006/2)

On a completely different topic, until recently I was using gtkpod as the application to connect to my iPod from my Gentoo Linux box (as Apple has never bothered to port iTunes, even though OS X is based on BSD). It works, but the user interface is abysmal. I finally found the time to try a few alternatives and settled on amarok. This is a great piece of software. It's slick, it supports podcasts, and most importantly it just works. I wholeheartedly recommend it to any Linux readers.

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